Fitness in Portland | Ab's Fitness Tip!

To get an effective abdominal workout you need to vary up your types of fitness exercises you perform for these muscles groups. A lot of individuals will do the basic abdominal crunch with their feet on the ground or locked into a device. If you were to lift your feet off the ground, bend your knees and make a right triangle, you will concentrate solely on your abdominal's. When you have your feet on the ground or locked into restraints, you are  using your hip flexors to assist in the abdominal crunch. By lifting your legs off the ground and bringing them towards your chest by making a right triangle with your knee joint, you are taking the hip flexor out of the picture and just utilizing your rectus abdominus muscle. I have done quite a few videos on so check out my channel to see some of my ab videos (just click): Portland Personal Trainer Kisar's You Tube Channel Give it a try and good luck!Kisar