Fitness Do’s and Don’ts After Age 50

When you hit the gym after the fifties a lot of obstacles come in your way. You cannot carry out the same workout routine. The hours in the gym reduce to a great extent. Your body doesn’t respond as quickly as it did previously to exercises nor do you possess the strength to pull off heavy exercises. Your body is prone to fatigue and exhaustion and you give up easily. However, for the common men, continuing a gym routine even after the fifties is aLiz & Kisar | Personal Trainer Portland bold stop that is praiseworthy.What Must You Do At the 50's?

  • Stretch for a longer time and stretch every time after a workout. With old age, it is essential to stay as much fit as possible. Therefore, ditch the old rule of stretching for a few days and incorporate the new rule of stretching every day.
  • In your younger days, you might have stressed a lot on cardio. Now it is the time to invest your energy in resistance training. Resistance Training can develop the bone density and muscle mass that rapidly decreases after 50. This will provide strength and prevent injuries from falling.
  • Practise interval training for 30 minutes which will help to burn belly fat. It involves some high-intensity cardio with proper rest in intervals or the easier Your body burns a lot number of calories with an increased consumption of oxygen at a faster rate.
Remember these steps while you’re exercising in your fifties. Exercises are important of course but do not push your body to off-limits. Do only as much as it permits at this age.