First 4 Week’s Guide for a Beginner at the GYM

It really doesn’t 8 to 12 weeks to set your feet in the gym. The beginner’s first month needs a vigorous workout with each week you will start with new exercises with more power and more mass. This first month you will build a significant muscle which will help you to get ready for the upcoming challenges. Here is the beginner’s guide to bodybuilding:1. First weekThe first week consists of some basic exercises with some advanced lifters. Free-weight movements are good for the long run which will help you to get and gain muscles. There should be a rest day in between the days in the first week.2. Second weekIn the second week, you will be trained for different parts. There will be a split in your workout, two days upper body and two days lower body and each part of the body is trained for two days. There are two exercises: a compound movement that includes multiple joints that involve maximum muscles and the other one is isolation exercise which includes only one joint that targets the pecs.3. Third weekOn the third week one new exercise is added to each part of the body which targets for the full development of the muscle. You will do 3-4 sets of exercise for each muscle group. There will be total 16 exercises for large body parts and 12 exercise for the smaller body parts.4. Fourth weekIn the fourth week, you will be giving attention to each muscle group and train with higher volumes. No new exercises are introduced in the 4th week so that you can concentrate on the workouts.The completion of this 4-week program takes you to the new stage of exercises.