Exercising at a Steady Rate | What does this mean?

When you are running, hiking and walking you want to eventually get into a rhythm or a Steady Rate. This is the point where you are able to maintain your speed, cadence, breathing patterns (your groove) when you are participating in cardiorespiratory fitness. For example, when the sound goes off for a half-marathon you are pretty nervous at the beginning. There are a lot of people in front/back of you and your heart is racing. On the days that you trained (prior to race event), the surroundings were not like this, but eventually people will spread out and you will be able to start doing your stuff. This "stuff" is what you want to do in order to get into a Steady Rate that will help you maintain that level of fitness throughout the event. You want to get into a groove, keep that pace and not let anything mess it up. When your breathing starts to fall off rhythm, you need to get it back on track. If you know an incline is coming, you need to mentally prepare for it and know what you need to do in order to keep your Steady Rate.Thanks,Kisar S. Dhillon