Exercises To Reduce Waist And Hips

In order to get a toned and sculpted look, a well toned waist and hips happens to be absolutely essential. Oestrogen deposits fat around the area of the hips. There are certain simple exercises that can be performed to maintain a lean and trip waistline and hips for that perfectly toned figure. Best part is you can do these exercises at home without any gym machines!Squat – Squatting is oWomen Trainingne of the best exercises that can be practiced as a workout for the hips and the waist. All that you need to do is spread out your legs a bit with your toes pointed forward. You can begin with free hands folded\ like in prayer and bend your knees and bend your waist. You can bring your waist just a tad lower to your knees which will adequately stretch the concerned muscles. The position will be like that of sitting in an invisible chair. You can do this for then times at a go.Lunges – Lunges are an excellent workout for your hips and waist. You can fold one of the knees and touch it to the ground. The other knee will be folded and pointed forward. You can easily stretch your hip and waist muscles/. Repeat ten times on each side.Piles – Keep your legs wide apart and fold them on the knees. Maintain a graceful posture and keep the weight on the feet soles.There are other postures as well; however the above mentioned ones are simple and less agitating for the overall body muscles.