Exercises to Boost Libido

Sexual dysfunction needs an enormous amount of attention and the pills to cure this problem come with so many side effects. So it is better to boost libido through natural way like doing certain exercises. Here are few exercises mentioned below which help to stimulate libido:-streching

  • Breathing and Stretching: - To experience better sexual drive and to get satisfaction through it, start practicing stretching and breathing.
  • Pelvic Floor or Kegel exercises: - One of the most effective methods to improve the sexual experience is through giving workout to the pelvic muscles. Kegel exercises or Pelvic floor exercises provides the muscles of the lower abdomen more strength. As a result, both men and women acquire more control of the muscles which are used during sex. These are very simple exercises which involve pelvic muscle’s relaxation and contraction most of the time.
  • Walking in the Sun: - Walking has always been considered as one of the most beneficial exercises and to encourage the sexual desire in both women and women, walking in the morning outside and absorbing the sunlight is one of the best ways. Through the stimulation of vitamin D synthesis and neurotransmitter function, alertness gets improved by sunlight and as a result, it boosts the energy production in the body.
  • Yoga: - The potentiality of Yoga practice in increasing libido is well known. Yoga mainly includes stretching and flow of energy. Through yogic practice sexual energy is stimulated and orgasm is improved by stretching. Tantric yoga is the most effective form of yoga in improving sexual drives.