Ensure Proper Eating Habits for Young Athletes to Enhance Their Growth

Young athletes and kids need the fullest of nutrition to receive the right amount of nutrients. Just one healthy meal before a competition cannot substitute the inadequate amount of daily nutrition that the kid may need. Along with balanced diet, young athletes need to know when to eat what type of food so there is enough time for aproper digestion. The whole procedure of metabolism needs to complete before the body receives any ‘fuel’ for the performance from the food they consume.

  • Eating more carbohydrates for a couple of months prior to the competition is important. Sporting events calls for a lot of endurance and energy even during the practice sessions. Therefore keeping the body stored up with carbohydrates like whole-grain pasta, peanut butter, whole grain bread and cereal (not sugar-coated), and plain, baked potatoes.
  • Eat small snacks for less than 200 calories that is low in fat, protein and fiber about an hour before the game.
  • Choose easy an inexpensive protein options like, chocolate milk, yoghurt or a smoothies to repair and rejuvenate your muscles.
  • A smart option is to choose a pre-workout snack such as a granola bar, high carbohydrates sports bar or sports drink.
  • Eat a healthy meal in the morning and make sure to rise up early to kick-start the metabolism process in the young athlete and produce enough energy.
  • Cut down the consumption of greasy and junk food such as cheeseburgers and French fries, which can result in feeling tired and sluggish as the body has to work hard to break down such fats.
Healthy eating habits and good exercises are the key to success for all young athletes. Keeping a healthy diet will make them go places and win competitions.