Eliminate Knee Pain With Squatting

Most people think that squats are pretty bad for your knees. It is not exactly untrue. Athletes or bodybuilders often faces knee pains due to heavy duty squatting. However such pains and problems can be kept at bay if you do pay attention to smaller details.exerciseSquatting Comes With BenefitsAlthough squatting can lead to pain in the knees it is quite good for the rest of the body. Again if it is done with care then squats can be quite easy to do and safe for your knees. However you must ensure that you have the right gears at times of doing you squats. A good rubber sole based shoe and good quality knee wraps are two of the most important gears that must be adorned. Three Steps For Knee Pain Free SquatsFollowing the below mentioned notes to avoid knee pain after squatting

  • Always remember to place your feet a little apart from each other with your toes spread out. Remember that the body weight must not be on the toes but the sole of the entire feet.
  • At times of squatting the body weight is to be distributed amongst the knees and the hips. A failure to do so can put extra pressure on the knees. Hence you must start with your hips at the time of squatting.
  • Finally in the last phase of squatting keep your hips at a lower level as compared to the knees.
In case there is a pain in your knees you must give ample rest before you return to the exercise pattern. Also remember to take advice from a physical trainer in the future.