Easy Weight Lifting Steps for Beginners

The best way to weight lifting as a novice is to hit the floor with a combination of functional exercises that is more alike to movements an average human being does in everyday life and compound lifts, which are exercises that focus on multiple large muscle groups at once.strechingMost functional exercises can be listed in the following movement categories: squat, push, pull, hip hinge, and hip extension. Learning these movement patterns with the help of a trainer is really very important for establishing a foundation on which you can build more complex exercises.Some Exercises for Beginners:

  • Goblet Squats: This is a very simple weight training exercise for the beginners and even the trainers also recommend doing the exercise at the very initial stage of weight training. To perform this exercise, one needs to hold a weight with both hands on the chest and stand with feet a little apart from each other, like about a width apart. Then you need to bend your knees and drop your butt. Perform this exercise twice daily.
  • Shoulder Presses: Another exercise which is highly recommended for beginners. This exercise concentrates on shaping the arms, shoulder and the back. For shoulder presses, you need to stand with both of your legs a hand apart from each other. Hold a pair of dumbbells that you can bear the weight of and try rotating it. Try this at least 10 times by switching the arms.
These exercises for beginners help to keep the body healthy.