Easy Medicine Balls Exercises for Beginners

Medicine balls look quite like a football inside the fitness centre. It is just slightly heavier than a real football though. No matter how simple does it apparently appear, it has a lot of exercises associated with it? If you are a beginner in the fitness World, then these exercises are for you.Medicine Balls Exercises

  • Balancing With Medicine Ball
This is the easiest of them all. Just hold the medicine ball on top of your head with both hands and lift your left leg. In that position, you should slightly bend your right knee and balance yourself. Continue being in this position for around thirty seconds. Relax and do the same with your other. Do the whole process three or four times.
  • Twisting Lunges With Medicine Ball
This can be easy too if you understand the posture once. You need to hold the medicine ball in your both hands while you stand. The ball in your hands should be parallel to your chest. Now bend down into a lunge with one leg and stretch the ball forward. You need to make sure that your hands are straight. Hold this position and slowly twist your body from left to right and then the reverse. Repeat it for thirty seconds and get up. Do the same with the other leg.
  • Perform Squats With Medicine Ball
Just like the previous one, hold the medicine ball in the exact same way while standing. Now squat down with your feet forming slightly wider than your hip. The position should look like you are sitting on a chair. While bending down, push the forearms ahead with the ball. Feel the pressure on your heels. Medicine Balls are very useful, sometimes even more than dumbbells or kettle-bells. Perform exercises daily with it.