Easy Hand Exercises For Too Much Computer Users

exerciseComputers are an essential part of work but too much usage and at a continuous pace can cause painful hands. There are certain exercises that soothe such painful hands and provide relief. However, hand exercises are linked with the exercise of the arms and the wrists. It is a combination of all three that ultimately lessens pain in the hands. The easy exercises in this regard are explained in the paragraphs that follow.Exercises For The Arms

  • ‘Drop’ the arms and hands to the side of the body. Then gently shake them about for a couple of moments. This relaxes the arms.
  • For the second exercise, raise the arms and keep them in front of the body. Next, rotate them to make the palms face upwards. Then, rotate the arms again to make the back of your hands face each other.
Exercise For The Wrists                                                                                                    You begin by placing the elbows on the desk. With the left hand, you gently bend the right hand backwards in the direction of the forearm. After a certain interval, you let go and relax. Then repeat this for the left hand andafter a certain interval, you again let go and relax.Exercise For The HandsThis involves stretching and clenching. First spread the fingers andstretch themas far as possible. After a certain interval, clenchthe fingers and makethem into a fist. After a certain interval release it to let your hand relax.Along with exercises, a good posture helps to lessen pain. This includes sitting straight and preferably using a chair with back support, and armrests that keepelbows at ninety-degree angles.