Easy Gym Tips From Heavy to Healthy

To go from heavy to healthy, make sure you make every single minute of your workout count. Exercises in gym does not necessarily have to make you groan, some easy tips can take you a long way. If you're consistent with this simple routine, those calories are going to leave before you know it! streching

  • Clock that cardio - Spend around sixty percent of your gym time on cardio, since it is effective at burning calories and body fat. Step on to the machine, grab those handlebars and pedal on a light resistance to warm-up. Increase the resistance level gradually and continue pedaling for twenty minutes before going to the starting resistance to cool off.
  • Lift weights - Do not be afraid of lifting weights. Instead of indulging in a full-blown heavy weightlifting from the beginning, start with lighter weights. Once you get used to it, increase the weights. Lifting weights will help you to build your muscles for a healthier and fitter body.
  • Oscillate between intensities - During workouts, fluctuate between fast-paced exercises and the ones which are exhausting. Since the pace of exhausting exercises cannot be kept up forever, alternating between five minutes of fast-paced cardio and one minute of intense cardio helps to burn those calories quicker.
  • Dive into cross-training - Alternating between different muscle groups can assist you to sustain a higher level of intensity than working a single area. So, oscillate between them for faster and better results.
  • All work and no play - To get a healthy body, put all your intensity in working out. Instead of dilly-dallying during your exercise routine, exhaust whatever muscle you're working until you reach your anaerobic threshold.
These simple tips, along with a balanced diet and proper nutrition can help you get that fit and healthy body you've always desired.