Easy Exercise for Teenagers

Teenagers are now very busy and over burdened with their studies and extracurricular activities, they hardly get free time to do some exercise for staying fit. They’re unable to have free time from tight schedule of school and then after school commitments. Every teenagers need to work out for at least 60 minutes a day to make their growing process healthy.Types of Exercises for the teen-agers:-

  • The physical activities for the teenagers should be mostly vigorous aerobic exercises and these exercises should be moderate and simple. They can do any kind of aerobic exercise which will keep their hearts going such as- dancing, running or biking-anything.
  • Along with aerobics they must do strength training as well which help to boost metabolism, build muscle and keep the joints active.
  • To keep their body flexible, they must do little bit of yoga as well. Yoga has some more benefits as well.
  • Free hand exercises are always the best for of exercises for teenagers as they involve both the upper and lower body equally. Examples of such exercises are- Sit backs, Sit ups, butterfly breath, chairsquats, push-ups, sprinting, one leg calf rise, crunching, jumping etc.
The teenager can do these strength building exercises easily at home and there is no need to go to any gym or to set up any special equipment for these. Also these exercises do make them energetic without taking up lot of time. But it is also needed to consult doctor or PE teacher before starting exercising.