Drinking Water | Exercising in the Heat | Portland Personal Trainer

It is hot right now in Portland, Oregon and a lot of homes, apartments and even fitness facilities may not have air conditioning or just good ventilation. Yes, our Portland personal trainer studioExercising when it is hot and your hydration needs!has three air conditioners and three amazing Dyson fans, but we are also a premium brand for personal training in Portland. Which means, we need to have proper ventilation, air conditioning and cold fluids all the time to make sure our clients are safe when creating amazing results at our studio. Enough about us, but why is this important?Hydration and ventilation are extremely important when exercising in any condition. When you are outside and the temperatures are excellent, the air will cool you off when you are sweating and you hopefully have access to fluids when you need them. When problems arise, is when individuals who are not prepared for the hot weather, wear clothing that is not breathable, and they do not have enough fluids on hand to address their hydration needs.When it is hot, you will need to drink more often than when the temperatures are perfect. In addition, if you add humidity to the air, if it is too high, it may make sense to just cancel your workout outside or even inside (if there is no AC), to prevent any heat related illnesses, such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion or dehydration.  What happens when you mix heat and humidity to the air is that the humidity outside acts like thin wrap around your skin and prevents your body from naturally cooling down from when you perspire (air flow). Since there is so much water in the air, it prevents your body from cooling itself naturally, and will create an internal oven where your body core temperature increases to levels that are dangerous. When this happens, you will need immediate medical attention and this is nothing to mess around with.The facilities out there that say, push through, the heat will make you stronger, etc., they are not watching out for you and are talking from their ego versus actually using their brain. If you are not training at a place that has AC and plenty of fluids nearby, then be smart about when & where you exercise in these heated conditions. Either go early in the morning when the temperatures are cool, or do it late at night when the temperatures will start to decrease.  In addition, always have extra fluids on hand. You will always need more than you bring when there is extreme heat outside. If you can't use it all, maybe your running or fitness partner may need it.Stay cool in this weather and be smart about when you exercise, where you exercise, and how much fluids you will need. Thank You,The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241