Dos and Don’ts for Fitness Newbie’s

Don’t think you can’t achieve big if you are a newbie. You can actually achieve your goals but make sure you follow these dos and don’ts before you hit your exercise programs.Are you a newcomer who wishes to bring in a mammoth change in his lifestyle through exercising and fitness workouts? You are always free to do so, but here are few dos and don’ts that you must lookout before you actually enter the world of exercise to avoid injuries and body strains.Do’s: Take into account your readiness to workoutThere are two major factors that you must take into consideration before you kick-start your exercise program;

  • The readiness to workout
Consider the time your body has been off from any physical activities. In case of doubts, and your body’s capabilities; seek doctor’s help and a get a medical check-up done. Talk to your doctor about the wish to begin off with a workout plan and ask him if it okay to move on or rather if you are healthy enough to proceed.
  • The mental readiness
The second most important consideration is your brain. Is it ready yet to begin off with a new chapter or is it ready to stick to a specific workout plan?workoutDon’t: Absurd expectationsMost newbie’s tend to hatch upon realistic expectations when it comes to workouts. The rule of thumb is to have a realistic approach to all the setbacks that you are about to sail through. No matter what big fitness freak you are, you will stumble upon difficulties at time, like missed workouts, poor lifestyle and unhealthy lifestyle.Do: Choose on something you loveIn order to continue or stick on to a specific exercise program, you have to love it to the brim. You can choose from your loved activities, like jumping, cycling, walking, dancing and etc.Don’ts: No acting fastThe biggest mistake a newbie v=can ever make is to struggle to lose weight real fast. You are posing great harm to your body if you want to shred one pound within a week. Go slow and benefit more.