Do’s and don’ts about exercises for Bad Knees

Probably one of the disastrous ailment that hits every person above the age of 30 is a an agonizing knee pain. Knee pain tends to evolve into a posed threat to a healthy and happy life. But there is absolutely no good reason to hit the lows if you are having bad knees. There are plenty of effective exercises which pledge to bring you good results.Personal Trainer Portland OregonBut while you are at exercising your bad knee, there are certain do’s and don’ts which one must take care of:

  • Don’ts- The big harm you would be doing to your already weakened knees is rest them too much than required. It would only make the matter worse. Also, do not engage in sports activities that involve sudden jumping, starting or stopping, as they are only good at putting unnecessary pressure and strain on your knees.
  • Do’s- Cardio exercises, for instance swimming, walking, water aerobics and others does wonders for bad knees and it helps strengthen the knee muscles besides acing up its flexibility. One can even try out stretching and weight training.
  • Don’ts- Avoid jumping into squats, lunges or other similar high-load exercises which would only aggravate the knee pain to an unbearable one. But if alone you wish to get these done, then ensure you are maintaining the correct posture and not putting the pressure on your knee in a way to injure them.
  • Do’s- Go for Pilates or yoga classes, which in turn are great deal effective in doling out overall body workouts that solely concentrates on core strength like stretching and breathing. You can also introduce these to your routine activities like carrying heavy objects and climbing stairs to ensure painless knee days.
There is no pain that cannot be strike off the list with complete dedication and passion. All you really need to shred that gruesome knee pain from your life, forever is a a bit of slef-confidence and few minutes off from your busy schedule. Utilise those minutes in improving the health of the knees, and you would no more have those aching knees troubling you anymore.For more information on how to strengthen your bad knees and more, visit