Don’t of Treadmill Running

Treadmill is a useful machine for cardio exercises. It is handy for those for those days when you can go out for a long run. It is very easy to use but you can develop bad habit which can sabotage your health and can even lead you to injury. Here are few common mistakes you should take care of.Personal Training Studio Portland1. Don’t wear wrong shoesYou should wear shoes with extra padding in the soles which will protect your heels and foot bones. And you should use these shoes not for dancing or hill walking.2. Don’t look at your feetWhile walking on the treadmill you should not look at your feet which will distract your balance. It can even strain your back and neck. Gaze straight; keep your shoulders equal and chest open.3. Don’t slap your feet downSlapping your feet down can cause muscle strain and can cause you to lose balance? You should try to be as vertical as possible and land on your midfoot not your heels.4. Don’t stick to one routineYou can keep changing the time which will prevent you from any kind of muscle and joint strain. And you should change the machine as the muscles become efficient and you start losing fewer calories.There are few others things you should keep in mind such as not to swing your hand while walking and should not hold the bars. You should never overdo it; this is applicable to every exercise.