Do you read while doing aerobic exercise?

If you are one of those individuals that read while doing aerobic exercise, then you might as well just stay home and read, because you are totally defeating the purpose of getting the benefit from this type of exercise. I have never seen any individual get in half way decent shape by doing the recumbent bike and reading a novel, magazine or their computer tablet. These individuals do not sweat, they don't burn the optimum amount of calories, and they are utilizing a piece of equipment that can be used by someone else who really wants to take their fitness to the next level.I know what you are saying, you are being pretty harsh with the Low-Calorie-Burning-Cardio-Club, but it is the facts. Well, if you have extreme disabilities, then doing this is better than doing nothing at all. But if you can walk perfectly fine, you do not have any major cardiac problems, then you should be building up a sweat, be in a training zone that you cannot read a book, you are burning calories and benefiting your overall cardiorespiratory system.I have seen individuals who do the same piece of equipment for years and their body looks the same, they have not lost any weight or girth, and they are doing the same thing, reading! You would think that based on their results it would make logical sense that whatever this individual is doing is not working, but that is something they need to come to terms with.On the other hand, I would recommend putting the reading material away for at least 30 minutes, invest in an mp3 player, load it up with some awesome tunes or an audio book, and then do your workout, but kick it up a level or two. Better yet, why not try a different piece of aerobic equipment? This will shock your body and cause it to burn more calories because it is not used to this type of movement. It is okay to change it up; change is good! I know we get set in our ways, but sometimes you need to live outside of your comfort zone just for a little bit in order to get to that next level.The last piece of advice I am going to offer is: Do Not Hold On To The Treadmill handles. When you walk outside, you are not holding on to fences, mailboxes, poles, etc. If you use a cane or a walker, then by all means, hold on. If you do not, then don't start when you are on the treadmill. You will technically burn less calories because you are holding up your body weight and you are not getting the full benefit of walking.

Thanks,Kisar DhillonPersonal Trainer Portland Oregon 

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