Portland Personal Trainer | Day 47 & 48 | Food Plan

Friday September 10, 2010I forgot to write down my food for the day, but it was really clean. I basically stayed with my regular food plan like other days, but for dinner I had a pistachio encrusted halibut with steamed carrots, asparagus & organic wild rice. It was very tasty and filling. For my beverage I had water only!Saturday September 11, 2010Same thing, I was just lazy this day. Even though I started training clients at 645am - my food in the morning consisted of a Lite Bar, Freeze Dried Bananas, yogurt with berries, etc. For dinner, I had a mixture of foods from Whole Foods at the District. I had brown rice, 1 stuffed grape leave, plain shredded chicken, a grain medley, a brown rice tortilla and some water!