Portland Oregon Trainer Kisar | Day 40 | Food Plan

Friday September 3, 20107am - Cup of Instant Starbucks coffee w/splenda815am - 1 Medium Non-Fat Latte from Peet's Coffee930am - 1 Small Apple w/Water10:30 - Natural Banana Chips (handful from Trader Joe's)11:15am - 1/2 Bowl of Brown Rice, Charbroiled Chicken, Vegetables & Hot Sauce1:15pm - 1/2 Bowl of Brown Rice, Charbroiled Chicken, Vegetables & Hot Sauce315pm - 3 Heaping TSP of Low Fat Cottage Cheese, Blueberries, Strawberries & Water4:15pm - Cup of Coffee with Estivia5pm - Handful of Raw Carrots (small ones)7:45pm - Mixture of Pollo Asada, Carne Asada, Carnitas, 1 Corn Tortilla, Salsa & a little bit of Spanish rice w/Diet Caffeine Free Coke (1.5 of them)8:15pm - 1 forkful of cakeI wanted more cake, but I have worked so hard to get these results that I didn't want to ruin anything. Plus, I know my stomach would not be feeling so well if I decided to go for the whole piece. I am glad I only had a bit of cake.