Personal Trainer Kisar - Day 22-Food Plan

Monday August 16, 2010Measurements:Weight: 152.5 (-2.5lbs)Body Fat: 12% (-.40)BMI: 22.5Waist: 31.00 (-.50)8am - Bowl of Oatmeal w/Almonds & 1/2 scoop of protein powder & Water8:30am -  1 cup of coffee w/splenda10:30am - 1 Banana w/Water1:00pm - 2 Egg Whites w/turkey/mushrooms/lite cheese & a slice of melon & cantaloupe1:30pm - Brown Rice Tortilla w/Peanut Butter (needed some extra in case I needed extra carbs for exercising)3:30pm - 1.5 Chicken Breasts (cubed), 1 TBSP of Plain Yogurt, Cucumber Salad & Brown Rice Tortilla. I was really stuffed after eating this. I could of cut back on the chicken and only had one chicken breast. I was totally stuffed until late in the night.5 - 8:30pm - Just Water10:30pm - 4 Egg Whites, 1  Yolk and 1.5 Brown Rice Tortilla with WaterNote: before you start any food plan consult your physician or registered dietitian.