Oregon Personal Trainer Kisar - Day 21 - Food Plan

Sunday August 15, 20107am - 1 cup of coffee w/splenda8am - 1/4 cup of Steel Cut Oatmeal w/almonds & water10am - Banana w/water11am - 2 cups of coffee w/splenda11am - Can of Chicken Chunks w/3 tbsp of yogurt12:15pm - 1/2 piece of toast w/egg whites (turkey/mushrooms) and two small pieces of avocado, plus water.3:00pm - Arnold Palmer Drink, Raw Vegetables w/Ranch Dressing to dip them. Did not even finish the Ranch dressing, but did eat all the vegetables (carrots, zucchini, squash, broccoli, and celery.7:00pm - Charbroiled Chicken (2 pieces), Zucchini Salad and 1 Brown Rice Tortilla with water.