Portland Personal Trainer | Day 17 | Food Plan

Wednesday August 11, 2010I feel less bloated today. I honestly think it was the red meat that I ate. Even though I like red meat, my body was not used to eating it, but I am craving a nice hamburger right now :)7:30am  - Water, Coffee w/splenda8:00am - Banana w/Coffee (splenda)9:15am - Small bowl of Oatmeal w/protein powder10:45am - 1 Apple, Small amount of Deli Turkey Meat & Water11:50am - 6" Wheat Vegetarian Subway Sandwich with Mustard (only)1:15pm - Few Bites of fresh fruit3:30pm - 4 Egg Whites, 1 Cup of Brown Rice w/veggies, Salt/Pepper, Hot Sauce & Water4:50pm - 1 Apple slice w/peanut butter & honey6:15pm - 1/2 cup of coffee8:30pm - Small piece of  Halibut (Nutty Crust), Asparagus & a little bit of salad w/water