Portland Personal Trainer | Day 13 | Food Plan

Saturday August 7th, 2010Morning - One Apple Sliced with Natural Peanut Butter. Enough Peanut Butter for each slice w/waterMid Morning - 4 Egg Whites, 2 TBSP of Avacado & 1 Brown Rice Tortilla w/WaterLate Morning - 3 Cups of Coffee w/Splenda (probably too much)Lunch - Daphnes - Chicken & Beef Kabob, Greek Salad, roasted vegetables & waterMid Afternoon - 1 Apple w/peanut butterLate Afternoon - 2 hours of TennisEarly Evening - 2 small pieces of calamariEvening - Halibut, Mango Relish & AsparagusHad a few bites of chips & queso & a small amount of corn bread - So I cheated a little bit, but I did not go crazyLate Evening - Glass of WaterNOTE: this is my food plan and please consult your physician before embarking on such a goal. If you have any questions please post them.