Cutting Carbohydrates | For Weight Loss & Fat Reduction

There are a lot of diets that center on reducing your carbohydrates to reduce weight. Does this work, yes it does. Should someone cut out all of their carbohydrates? The answer would be, NO! The human body uses carbohydrates as its main energy source. When you are going to be doing a lot of exercise, especially if it last longer than hour, you will need to ingest some kind of carbohydrate (food or liquid). This is where you can start controlling the types of carbohydrates needed for your daily energy needs. On some days you are going to need more carbohydrates for long bouts of energy expenditure and on some days you will not.For the person who is not a hard core fitness enthusiasts, but you want to lose weight, it is the types of carbohydrates that you ingest that are going to matter. If you can make some minor modifications, you will lose weight at a steady rate. For example, if you switch from white bread to whole wheat, white pasta to wheat pasta, and from eating starchy vegetables like corn, to more colorful vegetables. The one thing you need to consider is that if you eat more whole grains, colorful fruit and vegetables, you will lose more weight and your body will feel great. Most of the pre-packaged and fast food has high amounts of saturated fat, sodium and white based enriched flour types of carbohydrates. All of these will increase weight gain and make you retain a lot of water.Another added benefit of eating healthier carbohydrates is that they have more fiber, which means our body will be able to remove waste more efficiently and at a steadier rate. The better your removal system is, the less bloated you will be, and the healthier you will become.The last topic is actually about cutting your carbohydrates out of your diet to achieve a certain look. The reason this became so popular is because bodybuilders would use this technique to shed water weight and to tap into their fat for energy. Reducing carbohydrates, increasing your aerobic expenditure (riding the bike) and keeping resistance training high, will increase the amount of definition for body builders and fitness models (fat reduction-look ripped). This is only temporary and it is to achieve a certain look. Once the bodybuilding show is over or the fitness shoot comes to an end, these individuals are going to gain some of their pre-show/pre-photo shoot weight back in the form of water weight.That is why it is so important not to cut all of your carbohydrates out completely when you are not experienced with this type of diet regimen  (if you are, then it is okay). The bodybuilder or fitness model knows that they will be gaining a certain amount of water weight back, so they prepare for that and will eat appropriately. For the average person, they get excited about losing all of this weight and when they reach that 20lb goal, they think they can go back to eating somewhat regular, and that is when they get into trouble. They will sometimes gain all of their weight back and then more.Before you start reducing carbohydrates consult your physician, talk to a dietician and work with a professional trainer to make sure all of your bases are covered and you can gear yourself up for success.Thanks,Kisar S. Dhillon