Portland Personal Trainer | Craving Fattening Food!

Day 68/69:  Saturday & Sunday I was craving fattening food. Your pretty much know what my diet consists of since you have over 60 days of what I have been eating. Last night (Saturday), I was craving french fries and buttered popcorn. I had one fry and it tasted amazing. I went to the performing arts to see a musical and they had popcorn, but I resisted and got a diet coke instead. I have until the end of this month to get my leanest and get my photo shoot done for my website and workout videos. If my diet changes, meaning if I implement any new foods I will let you know, but I will not be posting my diet like I was doing for the past few months. Today I played doubles tennis for about 1.5 hours and then I went swimming in the evening for about 30 minutes. The swimming consisted of two laps of freestyle stroke and then 2 laps of kick board for a total of 20 laps. After that I ran in the pool for 8 laps and then did a cool down in the jacuzzi.Talk with you tomorrow,Kisar