Core exercises that you should not ignore.

Exercise are inevitable in order to stay fit. There are various exercises types in order to attain different fitness goals. Especially when the goal is to strengthen your core, there are a few exercises which should not be disregarded by you.

A strong core leads to good posture, avoid back pain and increases energy in the body. For strengthening of both back and front core muscles you have to follow some specific exercises however here are some which are absolutely unavoidable,

1)      Planks

2)      Quads

3)      Triceps on the floor with dumbbells

These are some of the exercises which you can follow in the gym, however, if you are working out at home there are some exercises which you easily carry on to strengthen your core. Being at home, you can use your room walls as support.

1)      Lay on your back and raise your hands and legs at 90 degrees straight, raise shoulder position and let your body become a V.

2)      You can also do it in a reverse way, after laying down on back fold hands and legs from elbows and knees on the ground and lift the whole body. The whole body is in the air facing the ceiling on the support of both hands and legs stretched 90 degrees on the ground. Like inverted U

3)      Wall planks

4)      Stand upside down taking wall support with your hands on the ground like you are parallel in line with the wall. Repeat up and down a motion by folding your elbows.

These are some simple but extremely effective core exercises which can be performed at home and will help you to strengthen your core.

Triceps on the floor with dumbbells

Triceps on the floor with dumbbells