Core Exercises for Seniors | Portland Personal Trainer

Core strengthening exercises for seniors are somewhat the same as they are for most people, but are generally somewhat modified to make them easier.  For example, things like planks, side planks, sit ups and Russian twists are to be avoided because of the amount of stress they put on the body.  Instead, the focus is put on building and maintaining core strength gently, with exercises that keep the body in safe positions.  By working the muscles of the trunk, hips, and core, both posture and balance can be improved.Some good basic exercises to perform are things like cat/camel, or modified crunches, hip flexion or extension, or leg raises.  These are done to strengthen specific muscles and are often performed to mitigate or help control back pain.  The idea that the exercises should be performed with a goal of holding them for as long as possible should be discarded.  The idea for seniors isn’t to set some sort of personal record, but to keep the person healthy and active with little to no stress on their body. If you are having a challenging time with these exercises or need assistance in developing a program that you can do daily, you should contact local fitness expert or Portland personal trainer to help you out.As with all exercises performed by seniors, emphasis should be placed on safety and stability.  It’s unwise to push too hard or attempt too much, as the muscles and bones of senior citizens are less strong than in a younger population.  Still, exercise is important, and activating a muscle in any way, even a highly modified, simple way, will help improve strength and stability.