Common Gym Injuries and How to Avoid Them?

How fast you want to achieve your goal? You work hard for it and do an extensive workout but there are hurdles coming such as injuries. Injuries are definitely not in the list of goals. Injuries should be taken care of and should be avoided beforehand.  So here are few of the common injuries which people get while working out in gym-professional streching

  1. Ankle Sprain
Ankle Sprains generally takes place while running on the treadmill.  There has been a time when you forget the track and lose your mind and you get hurt. Even while getting done of the treadmill you get hurt. So to avoid such injuries you should use the clip provided in the treadmill as it stops from falling.
  1. Low Back Strains
With improper position, squats and heavy weight lifts forms wreak on your back.  You might suffer back pain but the worst situation is disk herniation.  To avoid such injuries you need to keep your back neutral by lying down. You should get your form and then start practising this as it is really harmful for your back.
  1. Rotator Cuff Injury
The rotator cuff comprises four muscles. This injury happens due to overhead activity which is done in a repetitive time. Such as swimming also causes rotator cuff injury. To avoid this injury you need to strengthen you rotator cuff with exercises.  You should learn good postures and avoid doing over head work repetitive times.There are many other injuries such as Bicep tendonitis, pectoral injuries and many more. But the important to fact to ignore such injuries is to workout at gym carefully and learns all the postures carefully with a proper guidance.