Coconut Water | An awesome electrolyte beverage

If you are tired of all of those sugary electrolyte drinks, but still want something totally nutritious, then you need to drink coconut water. When I was climbing Mt. Whitney this past August, I took a few giant gulps of this water and it was awesome. The great thing about it is about 8 fluid ounces contains only about 35 calories and it is an excellent source of potassium and calcium. As of now, it is not super popular, but I am pretty sure in a few years this beverage is going to be a huge hit within the health, fitness and wellness industry. There are a few different brands out there like Zico and Naked brands, but find the one that you like and it is within your price point. This beverage is great for working out, hiking, running and substituting those carbonated beverages loaded with sugar.Enjoy,Kisar DhillonPortland Personal Trainer