Chest stretching exercises improves posture – How?

Nowadays due to the increasing amount of work and life pressure we are putting extra stress on our system as well as body. These unwanted pressures are causing imbalances in our systems which as a result are proving to be fatal for our body. A lot of things we do in our everyday life decrease the natural growth of the body. Most of the time our chest is vastly affected because of the vast amount of work we regulate through it. For that, there are certain exercises which help us to keep our chest the way we want, some of them are as follows:

  1. Put your hands behind your back then interlock your fingers and then slowly try to lift both your hands. Keep the chest straight and open and always keep your face upwards during the whole process.
  2. While standing put your left hand on a structure and then rotate the whole body towards the right. Do this with your other hand and always keep your chest open and parallel during the whole process. Hold the pose for ten seconds.
  3. Sit on your knees and your heels facing upwards and then touch your heels with both hands and stay in that position for ten seconds. Repeat that pose five times and during the process keep your chest open facing straight and breath normally.
  4. Lie on your stomach then slowly lift your hands back to touch your both feet. Try to pull both your feet in the opposite direction as much as you can, then stay in that position for a period of ten seconds. Repeat that posture again five times and at least five days a week. Keep your head high and breath slowly during the process to avoid getting cramps.
These are some of the best chest stretching exercises which will help you to stay in perfect posture. Still before doing the exercises, consulting a trainer is always safe and recommended.