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Just Squatting vs. Corrective Exercising

The squat movement pattern is very different is the static position and standing position of the body. All the problems related to your body can get correction by proper exercise. It will show the measures need to be followed to improve the dysfunctional movement of the body.

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Master HIIT in just a month

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is the most loving kind of workout training. It has gained immense popularity since the past few years and for all the right reasons. This kind of workout is intense and requires a lot of sweat. It results in higher weight loss as it is intense in nature without leaving breathless thanks to the interval given timely.

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Guide to leg work out using free weights

Legs are the bases of the human body. Our legs carry the entire weight of our body and help to maintain the balance of our body. Therefore it is essential to inculcate a few workouts in the daily routine to have strong legs muscles. Workout not only strengthens the body but also relaxes the mind of a person. The exertion involved in a workout refreshes the body.

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Bulk up the Chest Muscles