Cardio vs. Weightlifting -- Which One Is More Beneficial?

Since long, a raging debate has been going on between cardio and weightlifting. Previously, the answer to every query regarding weight loss was cardio. However, latest science ends all doubtsby declaring a clear winner. Before that, let's have a look at the positive and negative sides of both.CardioPros --• Various low-intensity workouts are available for losing fat.• During sessiweightlifting exerciseons, cardio ensures very high calorie burn.• Causes less fatigue as compared to weightlifting.• Many different activities are possible to be incorporated, since there is a low barrier to entry.Cons --• Even though the default cardio that people use is running, overrunning can result in strains and injuries, hence becoming problematic.• Cardio at a moderate to intense rate affects hormonal balance,particularly to those with high cortisol levels.• Unfit people find it difficult to get into, except at low intensity.• A balanced physique is extremely difficult through cardio alone.WeightliftingPros --• A sustained spike in metabolism is created, which burns calories post-workout too.• Helps to increase muscle mass quickly.• For the unfit, it's a low barrier to entry.• Simultaneously increases fat-burning muscle mass while decreasing body fat.Cons --• Needs more rest for recovery due to excessive fatigue.• Rate of calories burnt per minute is lower.• Increases hunger, but diet needs to be controlled to achieve success.• Following inaccurate information leads to poor results.From the list, it is deciphered that weightlifting is the winner.Reason -- Along with a more effective weight loss, weightlifting offers most of the health benefits of cardio.However, that doesn't mean you will stop cardio altogether. It is all about balance, so plan accordingly!