Calf Workout with Strengthening and Stretching Exercise

If you want to have a perfectly fit body that also looks great then you should have a perfect calf. Having perfectly shaped calves will give your body a perfect look which you can easily flaunt to the whole world. Below are few exercises for calf workout which are also meant for stretching and strengthening of your body: calf workout

  1. Foot pumps: Lie on the bed with your legs out. Then point your ties out and then pull them up. Repeat this exercise for few minutes. You can either do this for one foot at a time or can do it with both feet.
  2. Seated calf raises: Sit on a chair with your legs at 90 degree. Now raise your heel while pressing your tie on the floor. Do this with both feet together or do it one foot at a time. This exercise enhances calf strength and flexibility.
  3. Standing calf raise: ThIs is similar to that of seating calf raise where you do the same exercise while standing instead of sitting. This exercise is very helpful and offers your calf much strength and flexibility.
A proper shapes calf is very much needed of you want your body to look perfect. Having a normal calf will ruin the entire look of your body. So, you can always follow the above exercises to get a proper calf and can have a well sales body. Make sure to di these exercises regularly and you will be able to get the desired results in proper time and increase the counts daily for quick results.