Butt Sculpting Exercises for Women

“Oh butt, I love you!” you are always busy covering it or laughing it off but have you thought of giving proper time to sculpt your butt. Well, I guess not enough time is devoted to it. Most of the working women find their butt happily increasing as compared to the rest of the body. This is due to working on the computer at your office desk without much physical movement. Follow these easy steps to keep your back at a pace with your body.The ball reverse exercisebutt exercisesTake a stability ball and lay your face down keeping your feet and the hands at the ground level. Keep your hands stretched to the ground level and relax your lower torso on the ball. Keep your legs joint together and lift it up. Keep in mind not to lift your legs higher than your body level on the ball. This will cause an arch in the lower back.Just lift itLay face down on your mat. Then fold your arms and bring them near your head. Lay your head on the folded arms. Put a rolled up towel or a dumbbell and place it on the back of your right foot. Fold it and squeeze it, then again put it back on the ground. Repeat this step 20 times. Then do the same with your left foot.Stand to loseStand in an erect position with your hands stretched in front of you. Keep your feet close by and lower your back. Come back to the original position. Repeat this 20 times in a day.