Burntown Fitness | Kisar Dhillon

The owner of the Art of Personal Training, Kisar Dhillon, just opened up his second fitness studio concept almost a month ago, but in Vancouver, Washington. Yes, on the other side of the river. The name of the new studio is called, Burntown and it is a group training facility. It is a pretty cool concept in that all of the classes are 45 minutes long and are broken up in 4 sequences: The Warm-up, Round 2, Round 3 and then the Burnround. In each class they cover 5 aspects: Core, Cardio, Power, Strength and Stability and they call this the Burn Method. They want to target these aspects of the body because these are the basic components of every day living. In the fitness world, we call this functional training.The goal of Burntown is to target help individuals feel accomplished after they take one of our classes. They are not there to set a personal best or heavy lifting record. They are there to sweat, feel their muscles and too feel that they did something great for their body. Burntown is all about moving with purpose and to make every move count. The vision behind creating this type of concept was based on how individuals currently train. A lot of people really do not know that they can get an amazing workout in less time. It is all about pushing past your comfort zone for a period of time. This revolves around working hard for a period of time and then resting for a minimal amount of time.The workouts are geared as high intensity, high energy, but with modifications. If you need a more advanced modification, then the instructor will show it to you. If you need a less advanced modification, that will be shown to you too. At Burntown, they want everyone to have an easy understanding on what they are going to be doing. You are there to workout, not to be confused, so the learning curve is meant to be easy to understand and they have computer/digital screens to support you in those moves.Cheers,The Art of Personal Training