Best Stretching Exercises to Relieve Back Pain

While hitting the gym regularly is a good habit, working out in a proper way is too. However, sometimes we still make some mistakes and pain in the back and neck are what comes as a curse. Well, that is not something permanent though. Doing these few stretching exercises, you can ease the pain.exercises do at home

  • Start With Knee To Chest Stretching
This is one of the useful exercises that you can start doing, in case you fall in prey of back pain. It is simple to do too. Just lie down on the floor and slowly bend your right knee. As you do that, slightly move the right leg towards your chest. Hold your knee or thigh of the elevated leg and let the other leg rest. Continue doing this with the other leg too.
  • Do The Cobra Stretch
The Cobra stretch is helpful to ease lower back pain. It also looses tight abdominal muscles. The positioning is simple. You just need to rest your body on the ground facing your stomach. The position looks a lot like how you do the plank, except the fact that you are not going to elevate your body. From the initial position, lift your body slowly upwards, putting the pressure on your forearms. Your thighs should lie down. Hold the position for ten seconds. Do relax and then repeat.
  • The Yoga Cat Pose
The Yoga Cat pose makes you look like one as the name signifies. You need to put all your limbs to the ground and be in a kneeling down position. Your forearms will be under your shoulders and your knees should touch the ground right below your thighs. Exhale and make your spine an arc-shaped. Inhale to tighten your back like a cat. Continue it ten times.These were some of the most useful stretching exercises, which you can practice if you get back pain.