Best foot exercises for all Ages

Your legs and other parts of the lower portion of the body is always working out. Thus, you need to relax. It is essential to exercise your foot and toes because these parts of the body balance all the body weight.


Benefits of foot exercises


There are lots of advantages of foot exercises. They are as follows:


  • The foot exercises help in better blood circulation in your foot and toes and the lower portion of your leg.

  • It helps in relaxing your leg and helps in releasing the stiffness of the leg.

  • Often, there are nerve problems in the lower portion of the legs and the feet due to poor blood circulation; it helps to decrease the nerve problems.

advantages of foot exercises

advantages of foot exercises

Which are the best foot exercises?


There are many best foot exercises. They are as follows:


  • Toe splay: In this exercise, you need to sit on a chair, spread your toes as far as possible and keep it for 5 min. after 5min relax and then repeat. Keep doing this exercise for 15 min.

  • Walking on sand: Since sand is natural scrubbers and are a bit tough, it gives acupressure on your feet. This helps in increasing blood circulation in your feet.

  • Stretching your feet: You should sit on a chair and stretch your feet for about 15 min this helps in the relaxation of the calf muscles and the toes of your feet.


All these foot exercises are very beneficial for you. The doctors also recommend some of the. It helps in decreasing many foot problems and deceases.

Toe splay - best foot exercises

Toe splay - best foot exercises