Best Exercise to Increase Height

The height differs from person to person and is dependent on the rate of increase of the height. The growth rate is till the age of 18. So it is advised to the youngsters to perform few muscles stretching exercises. The exercises focus on stretching as the cartilages and muscles grow and also more amount of Human Growth Hormone secretes.Here are few exercises which should be done 2-3 times in a week-1. Bar HangingHanging on a vertical bar will help the muscles and cartilages to squeeze for the gravitational pull. The vertical bar should be places in such a height that the body should be hanging.2. Alternate kickThis should be done by lying down on the stomach. This exercise focuses on your lower back.3. Pelvic StretchPelvic stretch helps to stretch your body up and down from the spine to the hips. This is down by lying on a flat place where you fold your knees and try to bring your feet close to buttocks.4. Cobra StretchThis is one kind of yoga which helps in elongating the body and stretching out your spine. You need to lie down and make an arch with your spine and having the chin elevated.5. Forward Spine StretchThis is one of the basic exercises that is done to increase your height. You need to touch your toes by stretching straight by keeping your spine straight. This will help to flex the spine.These exercises will not only help you to increase your height but this will keep you healthy and refreshed.