Are You Staying Safe While Exercising?

Hitting the gym is the most beneficial habit nowadays. You can exercise and feel pumped with good hormones in the body, as you can stay well mentally and physically. Work out and proper exercising is something the entire fitness freaks do, but are we doing it the safe way? Let’s figure out how to stay safe while exercising.personal trainerWarming up and cooling down should never be skippedYour body runs at a normal pace when idle or rather performing the normal task. As you start working out, your heart rate and other functions of the body run at a higher pace. Now if immediately body starts to take a higher pace with a higher heart rate, it is extremely risky for your health. So always start with warming up with a slow jog, or jumping frog, or maybe a mild skipping. Also, slow down at the end of your work out session for the same purpose.Push your body till it can takeYou often push yourself hard enough with higher numbers of weights and repetition, but your body can only go till a certain level. So push your body till it can take, not beyond. If you are a 20Kg lifting person, don’t go for 30kg all of a sudden but gradually.Your body demands proper restAt least one day in a week stops exercising crucially. Though you can do freehand light exercises nothing crucial. As your body demands proper rest after stretching the core muscles. It’s your utmost duty to get your body the perfect rest.