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In order to answer this question you'll need to record the grams of protein you are eating for an entire day. An easy way to do so would be to digitally food journal on an app (MyNetDiary, My Food Diary, name a few). Then multiply your weight by the corresponding number of grams below.
  • 25% to 30% of your overall diet should be composed of protein
  • 40+ grams/day for females
  • 55-70+ grams/day or 0.8 grams/kg body weight for males
  • Higher protein intakes of 1.4+ grams/kg body weight/day for active individuals is not only safe, but may improve the training adaptations to exercise training
Research supports that individuals engaged in regular exercise training require more dietary protein than sedentary individuals. So if you train with us, make sure you include protein in every meal.
How do I Meet My Daily Protein Intake?
Easy; you can meet your daily protein intake by increasing your consumption of meat, legumes, dairy, even some veggies which contain a fair amount of protein, and in some cases adding a supplement before or after physical activity. Appropriately timed protein intake is an important component of an overall exercise training program, essential for proper recovery, immune function, and the growth and maintenance of lean body mass. Under certain circumstances, specific amino acid supplements, such as branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), may improve performance and recovery from exercise. We don't encourage the use of supplements based on the training in our studio, but in some cases a supplement can aid in recovery and prove helpful to your physical wellbeing. While it is possible for physically active individuals to obtain their daily protein requirements through a varied, regular diet, supplemental protein in various forms are a practical way of ensuring adequate and quality protein intake for active individuals and athletes. If you are looking to supplement protein in your diet we strongly encourage a plant-based protein powder.
I'm a fan of the Vega Sport Protein since it contains the branched-chain amino acids, which aid in recovery. The ingredients are: Pea Protein, Sprouted Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein, Alfalfa Protein.
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