Apt Cardio Cum Gym Machine Combos

When talking about cardiovascular exercises in a gym, different opinions and ideas exist about the domain. Different people have different ways of making the most of the experience and the available machines. Experts have however opined that it is always best to mix and match machines and different exercise moves so that the body can be stretched and worked from different angles, all the muscles can be evenly worked and the body can lose maximum fat.The following are some of the exercise combos using different sets of machines that can do the best for your body.Lower Body – As a beginner, you can do 20 minutes stretch on the treadmill at a speed of 4.5 mph/pace and then top it up with 20 minutes on the recumbent bike. Keep the resistance at six. As a beginner you can also try the combination of 30 minutes elliptical with arms and combine it with 20 minutes of stationary bike, keeping the resistance at 7. If you are an intermediate then you cause the spin bike for 35 minutes and do the curved treadmill for fifteen minutes.Upper Body – As a beginner, you can try a mix of 20 minutes Assault bike at a speed of 90 RPM and combine it with 20 minutes on the arm bike at a resistance of 9. As an intermediary, you can try the Versa climber for 25 minutes and then combine it with a swim ergo meter used for 25 minutes at a speed of 70 RPM.It is advisable that for best results you can use the guidance of a trained professional guide or trained.