Amazing exercises for women with hectic schedule

If you’re a busy woman, you end up neglecting the health of your own body more than anything. There are, however, amazing exercises for women with a hectic schedule that can help balance health and work really well. women exercise

  • Stretching is where you begin your day. You can do this while in your night dress. A few lunges and a full body stretch.
  • Have favorite TV show to watch? Do the plank on your carpet. Your body should be hovering parallel to the floor on your arms and toes. Do two rounds of at least 30 seconds each.
  • When taking your kids to the park to play, don’t sit on the park bench and watch them, run and play with them. Dancing and playing ball or badminton can help you exercise and serve the purpose of the playtime.
  • Engage in in-house workouts like burpees, push-ups, body twists and crunches before you go for your every morning bath. If you have dumbbells do a few rounds while your geyser is getting your water warm.
  • When you’re done with dinner you’re drowsy, resist from going directly to bed. Walk for 5 to 10 minutes, if not brisk walking, a quick tour on your terrace or maybe just around your living room will do.
  • Some other things you can do are skip rope, or jog every time you get a break while cooking or watch your kids study. Avoid using the elevator; use the stairs when you’re at your workplace.