All time effective cardio exercises

Cardio is the short form of cardiovascular exercises, now what is that? Any repeated movement which is increasing your heart rate and Bits per Minute is Cardio. Cardio simply increases the rate of your heart, causing a better blood circulation in your body, which further causes a very good metabolism system, even a better hormonal balance in your body. Not only that, it improves your recovering ability in the body. So it seen, Cardio is not only to burn your fat, its effects are divine to your body.Core Exercise For RunnersLet’s check on some really effective cardio exercises of all time.Jumping Jacks:This exercise looks pretty fun. You need to jump repeatedly and when you are on air, you need to spread your feet wide. And also you spread your hands as well for coordination, and then back again on the sturdy floor, and repeat.It burns out 100 calories in just 10 minutes. Without any equipment.Running:Undoubtedly the best of all cardio is running. It is the most healthy way you can keep your whole body active, and every muscle in motion. You can burn the most of the calories by just sprinting a decent time regularly. It increases the heart rate, and all the body part becomes superbly refreshing.KickboxingKickboxing is a combination of kicking in the air simultaneously with both your legs, punching in the air. It activates the hip portion and thighs and cup muscle. If done in decent sets, it can burn out 100 calories in just 10 minutes.Squat JumpsIn this one, you need to jump from a Squat position, as high as you can, and land back into the Squat position. It helps to increase the Bpm and power in legs and definitely burn loads of calories.