A Guide to Running Clothes | What to wear in the Rain

The main thing you want in running clothes are synthetic fibers.  It doesn't matter if you’re wearing short shorts or pants, a singlet or a long sleeved shirt.  Synthetic fabrics will wick sweat, keeping you more dry and comfortable than cotton will.  Cotton fibers soak up water and hold it, which means any sweat, any sudden rain shower, any random kid with a supersoaker can make your run significantly less comfortable.  Other than that, running clothing should be what you feel comfortable and confident in.  You don’t need the short shorts to run, nor the tights, but there are benefits to them.  Tight shirts can be good, especially for men, as they cause less chafing and keep long runs from turning uncomfortable at best and bloody at worst.Realistically, the most important part of your running apparel is your shoes.  The right pair of shoes can keep you from getting an injury and keep your feet in good shape and blister-free.  For some people, that means they should run in Vibram Five-fingers.  For others, that means the sturdiest, biggest shoe they can find.  Proper shoe fit includes more than just length and width, and the best place to find a good pair of shoes for you is at a local running store.  There they can take a look at your gait and determine if you pronate, by how much, and what should be done about it.Essentially, running clothing should be comfortable, ideally synthetic, and, in terms of shoes, specifically tailored for you.  That will make runs easier and more comfortable.