A Guide to Protein Snacking

Protein is a power snack that not only keeps blood sugar level steady and slows digestion but also helps keep cravings at bay. According to Alexandra Oppenheimer, RD of Ambitious & Nutritious, protein instils a feeling of satisfaction. And naturally, when you’re satisfied with your diet, you stick to it.The benefits of high-protein snacks

  • Regulates blood sugar level: a study consisting of 20 males showed that the ones who were given an early-morning protein snack of plain yoghurt or milk, had a lower blood sugar level.
  • Helps in losing weight: protein-rich snacks boost satiety facilitating weight loss. Consuming protein-rich snacks daily for 4 weeks have shown to decrease weight by 1 kg.
  • Maintain heart’s health: including sufficient amount of protein in your diet (100mg per person) has a proven chance of reducing heart risks by 40%. People who consumed protein-rich foods were seen to have a lower systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure levels when examined.
Try consuming proteins with carbsThis is extremely beneficial when you’re recharging after an aerobic exercise (like running). The protein snacks help you with muscle repair while the carbs are needed for restocking your muscle’s energy level. These two macro-nutrients are considered as an ideal match.The top protein snacks
  • Hardboiled eggs: eggs are a powerhouse of protein when consumed in moderation.
  • String cheese: string cheese is easy to carry as they are individually wrapped and could be tossed in when required.
  • Roasted chickpeas: they offer 5 grams of protein and fibre for every 120 calories you consume.
  • Soy beans in pods: edamame is ideal for filling your appetite with the combination of fibre and protein.