7 secrets to sticking to an exercise routine

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” It is found that majority of men and women working 9-5 give up on exercises after six months. The food in the big fat wedding looks more attractive than burning it out. Hence you tend to lose interest at your gym. Here are some ways you can keep yourself motivated to get back the flat tummy and toned body.ExerciseSet your goal as a wholeStart your training with some really challenging activities for the day. Set a goal for every week and raise the standard of your challenge each passing day. Your goals should be your source of inspiration. Give no ears to what your good for nothing neighbor is murmuring about. Set your goal and the time and try not to stop until achieved.Don’t do tantrums if it’s humdrumYou may find the exercises getting boring with its consecutive repetitions. Avoid being an escapist and change the exercise with some similarly challenging ones. Don’t just give up on trying newer things. You never know that after hating the first five exercises you may love the sixth one.Monitor your behaviorIt is usually found that it becomes more challenging when you have a record of your own activities. Keeping a check on your activities help you motivate yourself. Not only in case of your exercises but you can implement in every activity you do.