5 Ways to do the right crunches

Doing crunches the right way takes proper knowledge about the exercise. To reduce weight or strengthen your core, these are the 5 ways to do the right crunches: crunches

  1. Choice of equipment: If you are a beginner start with a mat. Make sure the mat is not too thick or cushioned. The stability ball or declined bench should come later.
  2. The basic method crunches: Begin with lying on your back with your arms crossed over chest. You can either leave your legs straight or bend them with your feet flat on the ground. Start slow by lifting up your body to the air, and then slowly go back to your first position.
  3. The reverse method crunches: Lie back on the floor,bring your legs up parallel to the floor, making a 90 degree angle. Now pull your hips off the mat, while your legs try to hover over your head, and slowly bring it back down.
  4. The side crunches: Your upper-body will face up but your legs will face sideways. Knees bent, palms behind your head, now lift up your shoulders trying to reach up to your hip andslowly go back. Do the same on the other side.
The twist crunches: Difficult but very effective method. Lie on your back, legs straight, and hands behind your head. Lift your right shoulder and left leg at the same time trying to reach up, do the same with the opposite.