5 Tips to Stay Fit During the 2016 Holiday Season

The 2016 Holiday season is just around the corner. We have Thanksgiving and black Friday next week and the craziness is on for shopping, eating, holiday parties and of course, weight gain! This is a time when people just give up, let it all hang out and decide that they are going to just wait until next year to get back on track and really crush it. Well, I hate to be the spoil alert, but you should probably start now to get a head start. So many individuals who say this or create resolutions pretty much failed because there was no momentum going into that goal. Meaning, you should probably start developing your health and fitness base now, so you can hit the ground running as of January 1st, 2017.Why do I say this! Because so many people will either give up or burn out at the beginning, because they will say it is too hard, they are too sore or there are too many people at the gym. Get a head start and get into a groove prior. I am not saying you need to workout every day, but start developing a small plan that will give you small wins so you can enjoy the Holiday Season, and feel great in the process. So here are some quick tips that should help.

  1. Sign up for a Turkey Trot. If you cannot run it, then at least speed walk it. You can sign up for a 5K or 10K and it is on Thanksgiving Day. This is a great reason to burn off some extra calories so you can enjoy the festivities and amazing food.
  2. Black Friday: If you are going to be participating in the shopping chaos, get your workout in before you go. If it is a one hour long walk, then great. But get it in before you go. The added bonus is that you will be accumulating a lot of steps on this day, so the walking during shopping is just bonus time.  If you are going with friends, invite them to participate too.
  3. In the beginning of December, sign up for a Santa race or Holiday run/walk. These are great because they will keep you motivated to stay moving during this time of the year. It is going to be cold, depending on where you are living, so this is great to keep that body burning extra calories during this time. Plus, it will hopefully be an excuse not to stay too late at parties, because you need to train.
  4. New Years Eve: If you are going to a New Years Eve party, then sign up for a New Years Eve run/walk event or take a class where this is the theme. Get your sweat on so you can enjoy the festivities that night.
  5. New Years Day: Have a scheduled activity already set. Either make this date with a friend, loved one, your Portland personal trainer , fitness professional or by yourself. This will force you to enjoy the pre-night festivities, but will sort of force you to retire early so you can be functioning on this day.
I hope these tips help out and you are able to keep moving, stay motivated and burn extra calories during this time of the year. I know it can be challenging because this is the time when people want you to eat with them, indulge in all of the tasty treats & drinks, but you still need to take care of your body, so do you best and stay consistent.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241