5 Strength Training Mistakes That are Common

Each person has his/her own fitness regime to follow. Every magazine, coach and fitness expert have their own version of the common training mistakes. However, providing a complete playbook of what to do and what not to do should necessarily hamper your entire routine. Thus, here’s a list to make you aware of the silly and obvious training mistakes to avoid.crunchesAvoiding easy training sessionsAs is much misunderstood, training easy could bring around many health benefits.

  • It increases capillary density allowing more blood flow to the working muscles and carrying lactate away
  • It metabolises fat as an energy fuel which is important when running over long-distances
  • Increases mitochondrial density that is used for better energy production and storage
Avoiding hard workoutsWorking with a coach ensures that this never happens as constant monitoring and motivation uplifts the intensity. For achieving performance improvements, it is necessary to practice neuromuscular power workouts, VO2 max and also anaerobic capacity workouts.Skipping recovery weeksDuring recovery weeks, your body undergoes physiological adaptations. Without the adaptation weeks, your body fails to absorb the stress and workload of the intense training sessions. Ignoring them would rapidly bring you back to square one.Not building a base levelLack of training periodization is similar to preparing a housing structure on a sand foundation. You should follow a specific training base and routine according to your fitness level rather than doing every kind of exercise in bits all year long.Using the wrong repsIt is pivotal to change reps according to what muscle you are training and the exercise you’ve undertaken. For instance, your legs are built for endurance exercises, thus setting up 12 or more reps would be apt.